TechTwilight 2015 brought even more amazing exhibits than ever before. Our judges had a hard time picking winners, but we count ourselves lucky to have had this problem. Check them out below!

The Deadliest Catch Award

LIVONIA ROBOTICS: 2015 FIRST Robotics competition robot.

(Sponsored by Domino’s Pizza)

The Mindblowing Award

GO LIKE THE WIND MONTESSORI: Various student projects using Makey Makey.

(Sponsored by BD)

The Mission Possible Award

WARMILU: A series of hands-on demo packs to illustrate science engineering and phase change materials.

The Dream Maker Award

WASHTENAW ELEMENTARY SCIENCE OLYMPIAD (WESO): Robots show their dexterity through activities to pick up, move, and re-position various objects.

(Sponsored by Cornerstone Design)

The Vincent Van Google Award

BRAIN MONKEYS: Sumo Battling robots, make your own electronic music with Little Bits, surprise make-n-take activities, and a showcase of maker programming and summer camps.

Honorable Mentions

Northside STEAM School (A2 STEAM)


Thank you to all of our participants and, remember, GEEK ON!